Result Format Descriptions

The result files created by McGroundstate are in JSON format for which comfortable parsers exist in many programming languages (and which are human readable as text files besides that).

JSON format .sgs for Spin Glass Problems

The .sgs files feature (at least) the following information:

  • Solution information:
    • If the instance was solved to optimality: The ground state energy, the ground state energy per spin, the ground state magnetization, the number of upspins, the indices of the upspins.
    • Otherwise: A lower bound on the ground state energy, the energy of the best (i.e. lowest energy) spin configuration found before termination, the corresponding energy per spin and magnetization, the number of upspins in this best configuration, the indices of the upspins (starting from 1 as in the input format), and a quality measure (optimality gap) derived as 100 * |lower bound - energy | / energy.
  • Resource information: The number of branch and cut nodes required during the solution process, and the total user and wallclock times in seconds.
Additional data may be present in the .sgs file returned.