Format Descriptions

Please consider in in addition to the specifications below that the file should have unix-style line termination (LF only) in order to support a proper handling.

Text-file Format .sg for arbitrary spin glass instances.

A file adheres to the ``sg'' file format if:

  • It is a plain ASCII file with extension ``.sg''.
  • Its comment lines begin with ``#'' and appear only at the beginning of the file.
  • Its first non-comment line contains exactly two positive integers nspins and ninter in this order and separated by a single whitespace. These specify the number of spins and interactions of the defined spinglass, respectively.
  • Its first non-comment line is succeeded by ninter lines that contain two positive integers sp1 and sp2, and one decimal number corr, each separated by a single whitespace. Here, sp1 and sp2 specify the two spins of the respective interaction which may be in any order, but must be different, and from the interval [1, nspins]. The entry corr specifies the correlation of the two spins. Here, a positive value indicates that the two spins are positively correlated, i.e., tend to have the same direction.
  • No two of the ninter lines just prescribed refer to the same pair of spins.

Text-file Format .gsg for grid spin glass instances.

A file adheres to the ``gsg'' file format if:

  • It it adheres to the ``sg'' file format except for that it has instead extension ``.gsg''.
  • In addition, spins are indexed ascendingly row-wise on each layer from front layer to back layer.
For example, a two-dimensional (i.e., one-layer) 3x3 spin glass is numbered as follows:

     |       |       |
     |       |       |
     |       |       |
     |       |       |

A three-dimensional spin glass has further layers ``behind'' that are again indexed row-wise ascendingly.

Additional considerations:

Please consider in addition that it is generally recommended that +/-J spin glass instances are scaled to +/-1 spin glass instances, and that the interactions of Gaussian spin glass instances obey a Gaussian weight distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1 while having no more than six decimal digits behind the decimal point.